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DECEMBER 9th, 2018!

BONus show January 6th, 2019!

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The year is 2006, and there's been a big shake up in the Milky Way: Pluto has been reclassified as a dwarf planet!


When news of its demotion reaches the small planetoid, Pluto leaves the Solar System on a cosmic journey, meeting groovy satellites, fun-loving gas giants and a galaxy of other celestial oddballs on its quest to become a planet again.

"Pluto Is Missing!" is a family-friendly space comedy that blends music, puppets and fantasy with real science and space exploration history. You'll leave the theater with your head full of catchy songs and astronomical knowledge!




Did you know that the former ninth planet and hero of our tale was named by an 11 year old girl? Read all about the science and history of PLUTO, including the change to dwarf planet which sets the musical in motion!  

(You can find even more about the real little planet that could in Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson's awesome book!)

While of course Pluto didn't really leave its orbit to go on a journey of self-discovery around the cosmos, there are some things that happen in the show that are true! 

Shortly before Pluto's reclassification in 2006, NASA launched a probe called NEW HORIZONS to photograph ​the then-planet and the rest of the Kuiper Belt. In the show, scientists race to bring Pluto home before the probe reaches it!

Joining Pluto on its journey is VOYAGER II, one of a pair of probes launched in 1977 to document our Solar System. Both Voyagers were loaded with a copy of the GOLDEN RECORD - a sampling of Earth's music, languages, and cultures meant to be discovered by alien civilizations!

For more cool space history, come see the show!




Created By/ Script & Music Co-Writer

"Narrator" / "Planet Karl" / "Ollie"

Chris is thrilled to bring “Pluto Is Missing!” to the stage with such a talented cast and crew! Having studied improv and sketch at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NYC, Chris has performed in comedy shows all over the East Coast. His musical collaborations with Emily Duncan go back years to their sketch group Atomic Age. Chris’ interest in family entertainment took root with the arrival of his niece, then his nephew and now his son Desmond, and he hopes all three will make time in their busy schedules to see the show.


Script & Music Co-Writer

"Dr. Isadora" / "Madame" / "Hestia"

Emily Duncan is so excited to be doing this show! Recent original shows include Glengarry Glen Escalator at The PIT (created and performed with her beloved comedy group Big Britches), her solo show Soup Man: The Ted Cruzical, and Me and My Birdie! An Ornithological Rock Opera, which she created and co-wrote with the inimitable Chris Mann (oh, can he see this?). Emily got her BFA from NYU Tisch. She grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada, which is not quite as cold as Pluto. She can be found on the web at


Puppet Designer

A graduate of the University of Connecticut's BFA Puppetry program, Julia is a NYC-based puppeteer, puppet builder and comedian. She has worked with various theater companies-designing, building and performing-including the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater, CityParks Puppet Mobile, Hudson Vagabond Puppets, Northeast Children's Theater and UN-Authoirized Musical Parody Group. Her work can be seen on programming for Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, PBS and Nickelodeon. You can regularly find her sketch comedying with the boys of City Hall Comedy and HOT MOMS, and also dancing up a storm with her comedy dance partnership- The Aunt Flos.


"Voyager II" / Various Roles

Calvin Cole is an actor, writer, and comedian living in NYC. He has trained at UCB Theater and hosts and performs on multiple shows throughout the city. His movie podcast, CineStalgia, is available online.

"Senator McGreedy"/ "Bacchus"

Alfonso is working in his second role with Emily Duncan and Chris Mann after enjoying his time in one of their fantastic original production, Me and My Birdie. He has been an improviser and actor for over 10 years in a myriad of roles and relishes the opportunity to work on such a fun project! His latest work is as a voice actor with the "Radio Room" and "Roll One: A Tabletop Story" podcasts.


"Maxwell" / "Charon"

Aria has a planet sized crush on this script so it’s safe to say he’s astronomically excited to be a part of this production. He blasted off from the Neighborhood Playhouse in 2015 and since then has been lucky enough to have been pulled into the orbit of the Off Broadway production of Connected at 59E59 Theaters, as well as Law & Order: SVU, Madam Secretary and Unforgettable on TV.  The indie movie he did, No Alternative, is expecting a 2018 festival release. He doesn’t know which festival.


""Pluto"/ Various Roles

Mallory Ann Wu, a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, is proud to be partaking in her debut performance at the PIT! Mallory can be seen in various commercials for some things you may have heard of. You can also check her out for a minute on the second season of Broad City and the upcoming second season of HBO’s Crashing. She co-owns the Etsy store Queen Beans Jewelry, makes her friends’ birthday cakes, walks a lot of dogs, and reads a lot of library books in her spare time. Mallory would like to thank her wonderful family and friends for their endless support, Chris and Emily for writing such a stellar show, and Alfonso, Calvin, and Aria for being completely out-of-this-world to work with.



Here are a few photos of the show, taken by the inimitable Chris Barr, and some cool photos of the real Pluto, taken by NASA...
Pluto, Charon, and Voyager II
Pluto, Charon, and Voyager II
The real Pluto!
The real Pluto!
Our Narrator
Our Narrator
An Unstable Star
An Unstable Star
Senator McGreedy
Senator McGreedy
A Big Adventure
A Big Adventure
"Hey Mister!"
"Hey Mister!"


"Pluto Is Missing!" has added new dates! The show runs at The Peoples Improv Theater at 123 E. 24th Street in Manhattan with tickets currently on sale through June, 2018.  Click on the dates below to buy tickets from the PIT's website!
Sunday, September 23rd @ 3pm
Sunday, September 30th @ 3pm
Sunday, October 7th @ 3pm
Sunday, October 28th @ 3pm
Sunday November 4th @ 3pm
Sunday November 11th @ 3pm
Sunday, December 2nd @ 3pm
Sunday, December 9th @ 3pm
Sunday, January 6th, 2019 @ 3pm
Kick off your little one's celebration with a trip to the theater. Book a party of 12 or more for a performance and receive: discounted tickets, a "Pluto Is Missing!" t-shirt and glow in the dark guitar pick, and post-show birthday wish sung by the cast! Package must be purchased directly from The PIT by calling 212-563-7488.
See you there!

Want to spend some extra quality time in outer space with Pluto and its pals? Bring “Pluto Is Missing!” to your school, planetarium, or museum for a performance and a day of STEM-based interactive creativity!


Send us a message below to inquire about details and rates.




The Peoples Improv Theatre

123 E. 24th St.

New York, NY


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